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About Us

Meet Eve and Jen.  They became best friends in 2004 after meeting at a swimming class with their 1st born children.  6 collective children later and many fabulous memories, Eve and Jen's incredible friendship grew even deeper as they were awakened to the world of mindfulness & meditation. 

Back in 2017, Jen was asked to facilitate her first mindfulness workshop for students at a school in the Toronto District School Board.

From there they bridged Jen's love of teaching  mindfulness, meditation and awareness with the Social Emotional Learning strategies Eve was already infusing into her curriculum and  magically they co-created full day or half day workshops that was a beautiful marriage of both areas of strength. 

Shortly after launching the workshops they realized that they needed an additional way to provide with teachers more information around supporting awareness, resiliency and social emotional learning in the classroom. From there the Rainbow of Awareness teacher guide was born.

They developed the Rainbow of Awareness program as an instructional guide for teachers to bridge the SEL curriculum while fostering a love of self and personal growth.


Jen & Eve are both so very excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.  They look forward to developing a lasting relationship that supports YOU as you support the children of our future.  

Blessings, Eve & Jen

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