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Our Pedagogy

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Over the last 18 years, we have seen a profound need within classrooms to extend Social Emotional
Learning into a daily practice. As teachers, we can creatively infuse these ideas and
language into our curriculum. Reading, Writing, Art, Physical Education, and Health
(and for some of you Religion) all provide daily opportunities to practice mindfulness and the Rainbow of Awareness activities; it is a journey that we are so honoured to be taking with you.
Some of the greatest gifts of this vocation are when students bring in a meditation they have written or when a student who wasn’t open to meditation initially asks months later to sit in the quiet before a test or after an intense recess. Not every student will be able to receive the intention of this book and all its activities in the year you provide it, but we firmly believe that for those students the seed has been planted and when they are ready, it will guide them to growth.
We invite you to build with us a community of educators and parents who believe that every feeling is valid and who want to empower their students with the tools and strategies that foster their light within.
We envision a community that will nurture this work through any challenges that come their way and breathe their powerful light with awareness, compassion, love, and mindfulness, sharing successes and moments of growth and learning with the Rainbow of Awareness program.
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